The Zebra F-301 Fan Club

I’m not really one of those pen people. I don’t always carry around a collection of vintage marble-embossed Montblanc fountain pens in my pocket. But I can still appreciate good design, engineering and style, and enjoy putting ink on paper as much as the next person. So naturally, I’m drawn to the Zebra stainless steel series.

This pen says: I’m a sufficiently refined but not overly zealous utilitarian bad-ass.

Some may say it is too small compared to beefier pens like it’s big brother, the F-402. I say it is more precise. Zebra manufactures a whole line of, in my opinion, beautiful stainless steel writing utensils. The F-301 stands among them with modesty and grace.

I like collections, so I’ve got myself the pencil counterpart of the F, the M-301. In addition to that, you can see the rolling ball R-301, H-301 highlighter, and Zebra’s decent fountain pen, the V-301.

Zebra 301 Series Pens

If I may present a haiku:

Among us a pen
Clad in shining stainless steel
To write with is kay

So basically, what I’m trying to get at is that although the F-301 only writes on par with a cheaper pen, it’s form bequests upon itself a function beyond that of it’s most apparent function.

In conclusion, I’m not entirely sure if the word ‘bequest’ was used correctly in the previous sentence, but it doesn’t matter; because it sounds quite nice and still got the job done. And that, my friends, is what the Zebra F-301 is all about.

So, are you a member of the F-301 fan club?


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