Taking a Hack Saw to the Buzz Bee Double Shot

So I’m walking through the toy aisle, and something catches my eye. It’s a funky bright-yellow break barrel shotgun that shoots darts. Sweet. Even sweeter still, the thing is shell loaded. I’d never heard of this company before – “Buzz Bee” but they make some pretty cool nerf-esque toys. Their Air Blasters series also includes a Winchester like magazine-fed repeater and a small bolt-action rifle – among other more practical but less realistic offerings.

Dart guns are way cooler than they were when I was a little’un.

All these foam launching hunks of plastic are appealing to a kid at heart like me, but I’m thinking the Double Barrel is the way to go – I can saw this thing off at the ends and run around shell-ejecting like Mad Max! And it’ll only cost me 7 bucks…

But apparently I’m late to the party, as about eight thousand other people have had this idea before myself, and done a better job of it too. Some impressive examples are linked below. Note that if the rear stock is removed, an alternative and shorter cocking mechanism must be put in place – or you can just manually pull the string.

I’m not exactly sure what population constitutes the Nerf-Modding community. Perhaps those who enjoy the whimsical nature of the design? When airsoft isn’t an option? Whatever the case, there is a sizable online community of budding mechanical engineers and talented model painters who take these toys to the extreme. To each their own, I guess.

Admittedly, my new sawed-off shotgun is a blast to mess around with, and I can shoot people in the face without injuring anyone as severely as my more expensive alternatives!

Useful Linkage

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