The Internet meme of lolcats has a history shrouded in typical forum-hopping uncertainty. One thing can be certain though, the lolcat truly burst onto the world stage with the advent of the infamous I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER and its respective web community. This site, in conjunction with older ones like, the more subtle Caturday Blog, and an article in TIME under the category of Technoculture has allowed lolcats to become a full fledged phenomenon complete with the classic love/hate/huh? fanbase.

I can haz cheezburger

Happycat, est. 2003. The original image (without caption) was found by a member of the Something Awful forums. Russian cats aren’t normally this joyous.

Like it or not, an increasing number of lolcats have begun exploiting the phenomenon and stubbornly being funny when they shouldn’t be. Any normally boring picture of a cat combined with a nonsensical quote in beveled Impact can synthesize into something that makes headlines and will be mailed to millions of unsuspecting chain mail recipients.

We see this concept put to practical use on Taco Bell Sauce packets.

Taco Bell Sauce

The new web is a perfect breeding ground for something such as the lolcat. Anyone can contribute. I didn’t want to use a previously uploaded cat-photo for my contribution, I wanted something unique. Unfortunately, I don’t have a cat, let alone multiple cats that I frequently take pictures of. So, with options crippled, I was forced to meander the house taking stills of inanimate objects. The following pictures should not be funny. But is they?

One thought on “lolinanimateobjects

  1. Jay Furly

    Ben, that’s some funny stuff. especially the bagel one. I’m not sure why.

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