iloveegg and ucantoo!

Originating in 2004 from Korea’s D&H Inc, iloveegg is a series of excessively adorable comics and animations featuring eggs with faces. The toys, based on these cartoons, were available briefly in the US from Tomy Gacha machines. As far as I can tell, only one “series” was released over here and they’ve become hard to find anywhere else.

iloveegg_wideThese little eggs manifest their physical form as a hanging charm/zipper pull/cell phone dongle or what have you. The inner yolk can be spun around to show one of two unique faces on each. Of course, I have absolutely no practical use for something like this, but I’m hopelessly addicted to collecting. One way I try to keep this in check is by collecting cheaper, novel items rather than expensive ones like exotic sports cars. Not that I wouldn’t mind having a collection of exotic sports cars…

They caught my eye a few years back when I found them in a quarter-cheap toy dispenser in the local grocery store. Of course, you can’t get anything for just a quarter anymore, these particular toys were 1.00 each. But there were only 8 of them. So 1 x 8 = $8.00 for a cool little collection right? Aw, heck no. I realized this probably $15 in, at which point I had a million of the common ones and not a single adorable egg-faced dragon. Yet I persisted, and through some bribery and trading the set was eventually completed. Fortunately for my finances, they haven’t released any new ones.

Mine haven’t held up very well a few years down the line, as the outer rubber material is starting to degrade. Yet another reminder of the Buddhist doctrine of impermanence. Nevertheless, I think we can be certain that this hyper-annoying theme song will resonate in our ears for eternity.

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