got business card? MOO.

No, I didn’t just spontaneously bovine it up in the middle of this post title. I actually meant MOO, as in I hadn’t heard of these guys either, but let me tell you – they make a nice business card.

After being asked one too many times while chatting with potential clients, “do you have a card?” and not having one, I felt like it was time to bite.

MOO Business Cards with Holder

Like many, I’d seen many an advertisement for Vistaprint’s remarkably cheap printing deals, usually 250 cards for $10. After designing my card in Illustrator and submitting it to Vistaprint through their website, my total rose to just under $20 for 250 (there was an additional $10 fee for printing double-sided, which is reasonable). Shipping would be provided free.

But, just at that very moment I decided to do some quick research and see if there were any alternatives. There are a few, one of them being MOO. The general consensus is that MOO, while being significantly more expensive, provides a premium quality product. I would have to agree, after receiving my set of 50 business cards (which also came to just under $20 shipped). They even came in a cute little card holder thing.

The weight of the cardstock is good, the image came out as crisp and clear as it could be, and the standard matte finish has a beautiful subdued sheen to it.

Free MOO Sample Pack

But was it worth the premium I paid? I’ll try ordering from Vistaprint next time I need cards, in order to do a proper comparison of the two. For a simpler design like my original card, I doubt there will be much of a difference. That said, if you need your business card to look fantastic – look no further and give these guys a shot. Here’s a link for you, and 10% off your first order!

If you’re on the fence, you can order a sample pack from MOO at no charge, which is a great way to see the paper types and finishes first hand. Their “Luxe” paper is crazy.

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