First and Last of a Yearly Tradition: The Spork 2010 Limited Edition

Sweden based company Light My Fire is known for their colorful and innovative outdoor accessories. I had used their utensils and carried Swedish Firesteel in the past, so when it was announced that there would be a limited edition collector’s series of sporks, I jumped on the bandwagon right away.

The first installment in the collection was “The Glowing Spork”. I ordered one and was impressed by a utilitarian product with such whimsical presentation. Right away, I began eagerly awaiting 2011’s utensil.

But it never came.

My glowing spork sat alone on the shelf, still sealed in it’s box. It had no companions, and it seemed as though the good people at Light my Fire had all but forgotten their intentions to ever create some.

It is now the year 2015, and the annual sporkcitement is nothing but a hopeful memory and an overly-optimistic press release archived on the Internet. I will open my spork and capture its likeness in this post so that the world will remember. Like a bittersweet epitaph for an old man who never found companionship.

Perhaps someday (maybe decennialy?), the spork will find a friend. And on that day he will glow brightly.




Year One of a New Light My Fire Tradition

To thank all our Spork fans all around the world, Light My Fire is introducing a new annual collector’s series of Sporks. First out is the Limited Edition Spork 2010: the Glowing Spork, a Spork made with phosphorus properties that give it unusual glow-in-the-dark properties. Each Limited Edition Spork comes in a black box with an individually numbered certificate of authenticity. Also included is one of the most unusual tabloids you’ve ever seen: “The Glowing News”, a miniature gossip rag that answers the age-old question: what does the Spork do at Night?

“From electric guitars to dolls, originality can turn original design into collectors’ items,” explains Calill Odqvist, Light My Fire CEO. “Our Spork isn’t a 1962 Fender just yet, but who knows what the future will bring? This is the thinking behind our new Limited Edition Spork series.”

The Limited Edition Spork 2010 will be available for a limited time.

“The idea behind our collector Sporks is that they will only be available a short time each year and then will disappear,” adds Calill Odqvist. So if you want to keep your collection complete you have to be on your toes!”


Spork On

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