Confirmed Perks, Weapons, Customization in Modern Warfare 2

Most info summarized from GameTrailer’s video¬†of the recent multiplayer presentation in LA.

Edit: Hey people! Now that the game has been released, the guys over at MW24/7 have done a good job of getting everything cataloged.

A single kill has a base score of 100 XP, so expect much higher numbers. The level cap will be 70. Prestige has been reworked and will be rewarded.

MF2 features a much more customizable “identity” for the player, which will pop up for all to see if you achieve in-game feats, like killstreaks, objectives, or shooting down support elements. This pop-up info pane, or “callsign” will include your gamertag, and custom backgrounds along with a few other new features.

Your title, which defaults to your rank (starting at “FNG”, SSGt, etc.) is selectable and more novel ones will be unlocked depending on your play style. Appears very similar to Street Fighter IV’s profile tags.

Your emblem also defaults to your proper rank insignia, but can also be any number of avatar-like pictures, unlocked in similar ways to titles.

Killstreaks are now customizable. It appears as though you can select 3 to be active at any time, unknown whether or not this number can increase. Ranking up will earn you unlock credits, which you can use to unlock your choice of killstreak rewards beyond the default 3. This list is not complete ~

3 Kills – UAV Shows enemies on minimap.
4 Kills – Care Package Airdrop random killstreak or ammo.
4 Kills – Counter UAV Temporarily disables enemy radar.
5 Kills – Sentry Gun Airdrop a placeable Sentry Gun.
5 Kills – Predator Missile Remote control missile.
6 Kills – Precision Airstrike Call in a directional airstrike.
7 Kills – Attack Helicopter Call in a support helicopter.
9 Kills – Pave Low Heavily armored assault helicopter.
11 Kills – AC130 Be the gunner of an AC130.

There are 3 re-done tiers of perks, as well as selectable death streak “rewards”. Perks can also be upgraded by completing certain challenges.

Tier 1
Marathon Unlimited Sprint?
Sleight of Hand
Scavenger Full resupply from dead enemies.
Bling 2 primary weapon attachments.

Tier 2
Stopping power
Lightweight Move faster
Hardline Killstreaks require 1 less kill
Cold Blooded Undectable by UAV, air support, sentries, and thermal.

Tier 3
Commando Increased melee distance
Steady Aim
Scrambler Scrambles enemy UAV?

Death Streak
Copy Cat Steal your killer’s class in killcam. (4 Deaths without a kill)
Painkiller Big health boost when you spawn. (3 Deaths without a kill)


Assault Rifles
M4A1 Fully automatic all-purpose
FAMAS 3 round burst
SCAR-H Fully automatic all-purpose
TAR-21 Fully automatic all-purpose

Sub Machine Guns

Light Machine Guns

Sniper Rifles

Riot Shield

Yes, that’s a shotgun attachment.

Grenade Launcher
Red Dot Site
Heartbeat Sensor

Secondary Weapons
You now choose from a list of secondary weapon categories, not limited to handguns. Each have their own attachments, for some the ability to wield “Akimbo”.

Machine Pistols Like SMGs, but weaker, less range
PP2000, G18
Shotguns Can now utilize silencers
Spas 12,
Handguns For fast-swapping, lots of attachments
USP .45, .44 Magnum
Launchers Some can lock on to aerial targets
AT4, Thumper x2

In place of your frag grenade selection, you can now choose from a varied list of uses for your right-bumper.

Semtex sticky
Throwing knife hell yeah
Tactical Insertion choose where to respawn
Blast Shield protection from explosives, sacrificing minimap

Special Grenade

Flash x2
Stun x2

9 thoughts on “Confirmed Perks, Weapons, Customization in Modern Warfare 2

  1. jay furly

    Kinda sounds like they fully gypped the UAV in MW2. Which is totally fine by me, I prefer using my eyes over a map.

  2. chris


  3. Dean

    wow, sounds like its gonna be a huge hit.
    gamertag=xBuRgSx LeGaCY

  4. Sounds cool great to see that they took out jugganaut so many killstreaks and new deathstreaks!

  5. Dose any1 no anyting more about the game

  6. akaddict

    conor they are still going to have juggernaut. They have to if they are going to keep stopping power. By having jugg it balances stopping power.

  7. bob saget


  8. DUDEY

    OMFG THIS GAME SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!

  9. george

    there is no juggernaught its pain killer which you get for a death streak and u keep for about 10 secs

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