CoD:MW2 DLC Map Pack Unconfirmed

The scans that emerged earlier this week  showing what appeared to be rough, pre-development sketches of the next Modern Warfare 2 DLC maps salvaged from Infinity Ward’s Encino, CA office’s recycle bin have been assumed to be in the works.

“We’re all really quite excited to see what sort of new camping tactics develop within [a map] that’s pretty much completely made out of corners,” admits Infinity Ward’s community manager Robert Bowling upon incessant questioning. “We just wanted to give all the campers out there a conduit with which to utilize there skills.”

The “In-Tents” map pack is rumored to include 4 new maps total, including the leaked “Hallway” map, which promises campers the ability to play an entire match without having to move at all.

The unconfirmed DLC will be available for pre-order 14 months in advance. Early adopters will be rewarded with a $10 gift card at participating Best Buy stores, and a voucher for an exclusive S’more dispenser accessory for their Xbox Live Avatar.

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