CoD: Ghosts Overview – What’s New from the Multiplayer Reveal

The Ghosts Live Multiplayer Reveal just dropped on Xbox Live, and this installment in the series promises to be the biggest overhaul Call of Duty has seen since the original Modern Warfare. Below I’ve laid out what tidbits of information could be garnered from this initial sneak peak.

Your Account is Persistant

At least from the Xbox 360 to the Xbox One. Your progress and unlocks will be linked to your Live account, so everything follows if you upgrade or change consoles. Still no cross platform play, but clans and social features will span across the gap. A robust mobile app will launch alongside the game.

Ghosts is an MMORPG

Well, not really. But there will be a substantial increase in the amount of character customization available, including your appearance.

Weapons, gear, etc. can be unlocked at any time using Squad Points, which are awarded from gaining XP.

You can have 10 characters that can each prestige once. Unsure if these individual soldiers will replace traditional classes.

Your class is built using a similar “budget system” as in Black Ops 2.

There are 35 perks to choose from, across 7 different categories…
Speed, Handling, Stealth, Awareness, Resistance, Equipment, Elite.
Perks are valued at 1-5 points each.

A New Weapon Class

That “bridges the gap between assault and sniper”. Single-shot marksman rifles are now flushed out into a weapon class of their own. These rifles will likely be a favorite of the competitive crowd. Let’s hope sufficient anti controller mod contingencies are in effect.


Less lethal, and fewer airborne killstreaks. More focus given to ground-based, “visceral” ones. Even the venerable UAV is now a ground-placed device.

20 New Killstreaks such as Maniac, Helo Scout, Vulture, Odin Strike, Night Owl, MAAWS, Sat Com, or call in Riley the guard dog.


There aren’t any. Yay!

Strike Packages Return

Support, specialist, and assault strike packages return.

New Game Modes

Cranked – Getting a kill speeds you up, but starts a 30 second death timer that only resets upon getting another kill. Twitchy.
Search and Rescue – A hybrid of traditional Search and Kill Confirmed. Dead players can be revived by a friendly tag pick-up, or gibbed by an enemy taking their tags. The player appears to revive at the original spawn point, not where they were revived.’

New AI

That will act quite human like, to the point of drop-shotting. Weapons class also dictates how the AI plays (AI will play more like a sniper if equipped with a sniper rifle)

Squad Mode

A series of game modes that can be played Co-Op or exclusively with AI (consisting of the squad members that you have created) Progress counts towards multiplayer.
Squad Assault See if your team of 6 friends or squadmates can defeat an offline-player’s strategically-built team of 6 AI on a map of their choosing.
4 Player wave based survival mode. Killstreaks included.
Safeguard Infinite
Squad Vs Squad 
See how well your squad works together and take on other player’s squads, 1 on 1.
 Pick 5 AI squadmates and play any multiplayer mode with AI opponents.

Dynamic Maps

Environments are not fully destructible, but have “player triggered events” or events that have a direct impact on the map. Some maps have care packages hidden in them.

Fancy Audio

The tactical implications of this being that one can determine where a weapon is being fired based on it’s report. A gunshot from outside will sound different than one in a carpeted room. Contextual battle chatter will also supplement your teammates call-outs, as AI will yell enemy positions, etc.

Look, Feel, and Movement

All features are present in both current and next gen. Both consoles run at 60FPS.
Contextual lean appears to automatically lean your character around obstacles when you approach them.
Mantling over obstacles is now quicker and appears to only briefly effect your ability to fire.
Knee slide like Michael Jackson all day long. After sprinting, going to crouch or prone will perform a slide. You can fire your weapon during a knee slide.

The Briefcase

In certain game modes, the first player to die drops a briefcase. Picking up the briefcase gives you a small challenge. Completing this challenge gives you a care package.


Clan XP can be gained from any game played with your clan.
Clan vs Clan playlists, and Clan Wars, a metagame where you and a similar clan battle over territories. Bonuses and items can be won as rewards.

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