Broadway Photo and ExtremeDigital Memory… WTF, *cry

After some shopping, I had decided to get the Fujifilm F50fd, since I wasn’t ready to put down the money for an SLR but still wanted a point-and-shoot with more advanced options.

Tempted by a slightly lower price, we decided to do our business with “Broadway Photo”.

Oops. You can read some of the company’s reviews on ResellerRatings, among others…

Broadway Photo (which also goes by the names… A&M Photo World, Regal Camera, Prestige Camera, Preferred Photo, Royal Camera, and more) will call you up after placing an order to “verify” information. They will then attempt to upsell you on over exaggerated and unnecessary accessories. Failure to purchase these packages may result in your item becoming unavailable or on backorder.

Well, we got suckered into to paying an extra $100 for a few accessories, downgraded battery, and “Ultra-Speed” “Error-free” and “Completely Necessary” 2GB SD card.

It should be noted that after giving our friends a stern phone call, we managed to get $50 back, which brought our total from “outrageous” to simply “a bad deal”. I’m also very happy with my Fuji, it takes beautiful pictures. But I digress…

ExtremeDigital CardConsidering the original bill, after itemizing the package we would have paid $40-50 for this SD card. “Wow!” I thought, “this must be one hell of an SD card!” It was ultra-high speed and rated for SLR professionals.

Except that, for the life of me, I could find absolutely no information regarding “DigitalExtreme”. The package was also lacking any sort of copyright information.

In fact, the only mention on the internet of this company seemed to be their own website, which contained a pretty home page with 100% unspecified links. (

This URL is also registered via the same Proxy as Broadway Photo and all of it’s subsidiaries.

How am I going to claim my 5 year warranty!? xD

This is all speculation, however, this card may actually kick ass and just be some hidden gem only the top National Geographic photographers know about!

I ran the “DigitalExtreme” card through HD Tach and compared it with a 2GB PNY 60x “Optima” that I picked up at Fred Meyer for $10 and use in my camera now. Although less consistent, the DigitalExtreme card had a similarly decent speed of 16 mb/s. Still, just too sketchy.

It’s not a complete scam, but I cannot recommend supporting this kind of company. Hopefully you haven’t done your research too late!

One thought on “Broadway Photo and ExtremeDigital Memory… WTF, *cry

  1. I wish I would have read this post before getting ripped off! I too, bought a package from a sketchy NY online photo shop called, and everything about the order was frustrating. Quickstopdigital had the typical high-pressure sales guys, and they talked me in to buying 2 32gb DigitalExtreme cards. I actually am a National Geographic photographer, and I can tell you these cards do not kick ass at all – they’re unreliable and so is the company as far as I can tell. One of the cards has completely frozen and the website, has a front page, but none of the links work, so there’s no way to even ask them about an exchange or return.

    My guess is that is another NY “online only” store as mentioned above, because when I placed my order, I was leaving for a National Geographic shoot deep in the NW Territories of Canada and I told the sales person I needed the gear & accessories overnight. The next day (when it was too late), the shipment came MINUS the one main lens I needed, and the note in the package simply said the lens was on backorder!

    So basically, these guys sold me a package knowing that they didn’t have everything in stock, let me pay for overnight shipping, and also talked me in to the DigitalExtreme 32gb cards which failed while in the field and now there’s no way to get get a refund or exchange for these crappy cards.


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